There’s no upfront charge to use our site. There’s a small payment processing fee charged by our payment processor but that’s all you’ll ever pay. Customers pay a small processing fee and that’s it.

Category: Selling Tickets

You have two choices for presenting your ticket at the event. You must log into your account for either choice.
1. Log into your account, go to My Account you’ll see all available purchases click on the one you want to print. Bring your printout to the event the show’s Ticket- Taker will scan the barcode to authenticate.
2. On your mobile device log into your account find the event ticket you want and allow the Ticket-Taker to scan the barcode to verify the ticket.

Category: Buying Tickets

Selling tickets to your event using our site means you don’t have to run around town delivering tickets sales people.
You don’t have to depend on others who may be just as busy to sell tickets.
Every dollar (minus minimal fees) made via our platform is delivered only to an authorized person in a very timely manner.
You can log into your account anytime to see how many tickets have been purchased.
No running around trying to collect funds from ticket sales, or collecting and counting unsold tickets.

Category: Selling Tickets

To begin selling tickets to events on this platform, under the “Promoters” tab at the top of the page click “Register” follow the prompts to complete your registration, once approved you can begin selling tickets to your events.

Category: Selling Tickets

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